Assalamu Alaikum (May Peace Be Upon You)

By the grace of almighty Allah, I am grateful to lead this company and express my words. Most law companies, like most families, develop and live with a common set of values that are communicated and shared over the life of the company.
The Law Consultant, this family of chartered accountant, lawyers, associates, and staff, has been motivated for more than one decade by a desire to see our clients succeed, grow, and prosper. Our company is focused on providing the highest level of client services, and our company culture reflects our goals of passionate and ethical commitment to our clients’ interests and goals. We are also committed to public and community service, and most of our company chartered accountants, attorneys and associates hold leadership positions in the various communities. Our company culture also demands that we create a work environment that stresses dignity and ethics and a commitment to client representation.

We work hard to make that happen. This company was established on the notion that pursuit of our clients’ interests must always be accomplished within our shared values of integrity and fair-dealings, respect for our profession and for justice, and genuine concern for each other and our extended services. It has been personally rewarding to me in recent years to see that these bedrock principles are willingly accepted by each new generation of lawyers and staff at our company. We have created something solid – something based on the highest ideals of fairness, truth, and service – where the daily exercise of those ideals is wholly consistent with success for the clients we serve.

Mohammad Amanullah